Narrative Writing Battle!

on Wednesday, September 10, 2014

You Can Learn Narrative Writing!

It is time for the battle of your life... the narrative writing battle!   Do you have what it takes?  Can you conquer your fear and learn how to write a narrative?  I know you can!

Take the Challenge!

Watch the video below and answer the following questions in the comment section:

Question 1 

What are three things a successful narrative should include?

Question 2: 

What are three key techniques that can be used?

Question 3:

What are three options for organizing the narrative?


autumn said...

that was and will be help

Katherine said...

this video was very helpful and reminded me of all the strategys a you need to practice to create a good narrative.

Adrian M said...

It was very helpful to know how to do narrative writing. Now I know all the strategies.

samyak shukla said...

That helped me with descriptive writing

Adrian D. said...

This video was a fun way on how to explain and teach me about narrative writing!

Bonnie N. said...

Wow. Now I'll feel more confident when I'm doing my narratives in class!

Justin.D said...

that video helped me realize the strategy's i could use for my narratives

Kamira Rahman said...

wow i never relized how much strategy's there are! Im definately using some of these strategy's fo class tomrrow.

Anishwar T said...

1. all narrative writing should have a
- Hook the readers attention with a strong introduction
-Include sensory details
-Clear beginning, middle, and end
2. Three techniques are
-Visualize the characters vividly.
-Identify the main events
-Describe the setting
3.Options for organizing a narrative are
- Chronological order
- use a flashback
-Focus on the conflict

Anishwar T said...

Why don't they have pants

Sylvia K said...

This video really refreshed my memory of narrative writing.

Jenna said...

This video reminded me of all the strategies for narritive writing. I'm sure this will help me in writing!

Kayla Ann said...

This was a very interesting video that gave me a good refresher on narrative writing and even taught me new things that could be proven helpful for my writing

Aislinn said...

1)*hook the reader with a good introduction *use sensory details *make a clear beginning, middle, and end.

2)*identify main events *describe your setting *depict you characters vividly.

3)*chronological *flashback *focus on conflict.

Sarah said...

This video taught me to remember the important facts
about narrative writing. The ninja characters really held my attention and I liked the concept of fighting over narrative writing. My favorite line was "It's time to attack narrative writing."

Sarah said...

Shouldn't ninja's have legs?

Vanessa Hernandez said...

1-I believe that a successful narrative writer should inculde, many details, and be creative!
2-Should have a strong introduction,give good small details, before getting to the bigger ones, and think about the reader.
3-Use flashback,Focus on the plot, and focus on they're topic.

Grace Shi said...

This video is has made me look at narrative writing in a new perspective. This video gives details on how to and I think that I will succeed

Johanne Vidola said...

1- It must hook the reader, it should include sensory details, and it should have a clear beginning, middle, and end.
2- Identify the main events, describe the setting, and depict your characters vividly.
3- You can organize in chronological order, use a flashback, or focus on the conflict

Vaidehi said...

I always forget what narrative writing is and how to make it succesful, this video really filles my blanks up. Also I love the ninja concept and how it tells us the key points.

Vaidehi said...

The answers to the questions-
A succesful narrative should do or include these three things:Capture your attention, a strong intro and it should describe how the enviorment around the setting is, looks, smells like etc.
Three key techniques for writing narratives:
Identify the main events
Descibe the setting
and Explain the story's characters vividly, their looks, dislikes etc.
Three options for organizing:
Put the events in chrono logical( in orde of time)order.
Usage of flashback
Focus on conflict.

Kareena M. said...

This video was totally nails narrative writing

Kareena M. said...

1-hooks the reader,has a clear beginning and includes sensory details
2-explain the setting,depict characters and show the main events

3-use flashbacks,focus on the conflict or list events in chronological order

autumn said...

begging middle end
1)identofi the setting
2)describe the setting
3)to pick your character

Harsha said...

1) must hook reader,strong intro, sensory details
2) identy key details,discribe setting,discribe chacter
3)chrnological order,flashback,and focus on conflict

thanks for the video mr.poole it was a lot of help

Sylvia K said...

1 clear beg. mid. end,vivid details,hook reader with strong intro
2 identify the main events,setting,describe characters
3 chronological order,flashback,focus on conflict
Mr.Poole,does this count as part of tonights homework for the one good comment?

Ruby Ng said...
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Ruby Ng said...

- Hook the reader with a stronger introduction, sensory details, clear beginning middle and end.
-Identify the main events describe your setting and characters.
-Chronological order, flashback and focus on the conflict

wyattb said...

this helps me study and gets stuck in my head so i know it

Chris Blanchard said...

-hook reader include sensory details clear beginning middle and end
-identify main events describe setting depict characters vividly
-organize in chronological order use a flashback focus on conflict

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